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logo.png App Metrics

2016 – Present
An open source and cross platform .NET Standard library used to capture application metrics. App Metrics also includes health checking framework allowing user defined health checks where results can be exposed over an HTTP endpoint for alerting purposes.

There are many great commercial monitoring products available, so why build App Metrics? Commercial monitoring products can become costly and limiting in features and framework support, they also mostly tie you to a single TSDB. App Metrics is free and open source, open to pull requests, new ideas and does not limit you to a single TSDB. At the moment InfluxDB, Elasticsearch and Prometheous reporting are supported.

App Metrics also provides an ASP.NET Core Middleware package which exposes metrics and health checks over HTTP. There are various pre-defined metrics the framework provides allowing you to make use of the generic Grafana dashboards included in the samples.

Owin Metrics

An open source contribution to Metrics.NET which exposes metrics and health over HTTP via a set of OWIN middleware.